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Salt packing line

Behind the scenes at Icethaw Salt Supplies, we have been working hard to improve our product, so you can rely on us and purchase with confidence for all of your rock salt supplies and accessories.

One of the most common issues that salt customers may have is that their rock salt can feel damp on arrival. Water is the enemy for rocksalt suppliers as any rain that reaches the salt will slowly but surely dilute it – and could cause the salt to clump together inside the bags.

This is why we have created a hooding machine which stretches a clear plastic hood directly over the top of the pallet to prevent any rain reaching the salt within. This may slow down our packing capacity slightly, but it makes a strong statement of our commitment to ensuring that every pallet of rock salt and white salt that leaves our yard will be of the highest quality possible.

The Great British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, and so having enough stock on hand is essential to be able to serve our customers when the cold weather comes without notice. Which is why we have invested an a whole new robotic palletiser to work alongside our current one, doubling our capacity and enabling us to bag 2 different sizes of rock salt at the same time!

Here is a video of our new and improved packing line in action!

You should also note that all of our rock salt complies with BS3247:1991, the quality standard set by the British Standards institute and demands that any salt sold by ourselves contains less than 4% moisture. With our new & improved packing line complete with hooding machine, you can purchase with confidence and trust in Icethaw for all of your winter safety needs.


Brown Rock Salt: mined in the UK

White Salt: From evaporated sea water for cleaner de-icing

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