Rock De-Icing Salt Basics

Basics Of Salt

At Icethaw, we get a lot of questions over the phone, however some of the same ones keep popping up.

Here are some of the rock salt basics that you will need to know if you want to ensure that you are ready for winter.

What is Rock Salt?

The common brown rock salt you may have seen spread onto the ground by your local council is mined from underground, likely from one of the salt mines in the UK such as Winsford.

Once this salt is mined, it is sent to the surface for processing to achieve a consistently pure product. From there, an anti-caking agent is added to ensure that the salt does not clump together and your rock salt can be easily spread onto the ground by hand or by gritting machines.

What is White Salt?

Did you know, white salt does the exact same job as regular brown rock salt – however it is a slightly finer and cleaner product. Unlike brown rock salt, white salt is produced by evaporated sea water instead of mined. This is why it is also known as ‘marine salt

This method of obtaining salt has been used since ancient Rome! In-fact, the word Salary – comes from the word ancient ‘salt’ as Roman soldiers were paid in salt to preserve food as there was no means of refrigeration at the time and so using salt to cure meat & fish was a part of daily life. Modern technology means it is much more efficient now however.

Due to the evaporation requirement to produce white salt, it is usually done in warmer climates such as Sardinia, where we source our white salt products.

Should I Buy Rock Salt or White Salt?

It is important to know that which ever type of rock salt you choose will work just as well when it comes to preventing ice on roads & paths, the difference comes after the ice has melted. Brown rock salt tends to leave behind a residue that can be carried into buildings on people’s shoes and so is more difficult to clean up. We recommend brown rock salt for customers where price is a key deciding factor or you don’t mind cleaning up the residue afterwards.

White marine rock salt is a finer, much cleaner product and is much easier to clean up after the ice has melted. We recommend white rock salt for those with that need to de-ice a high footfall area such as shopping centres or schools where a residue may be trampled into carpets.

All of our white & rock salt products are available loose or in a variety of pre-packaged sizes to suit your needs - and in quarter, half or full pallets. Just remember to keep your rock salt in a dry place such as a grit bin and it can last for many years.

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