Winter Preparation Checklist

Winter Preparation 2019

Although it’s no surprise to anyone that winter is on its way, many of us are still unprepared for the cold season or take no additional steps to ensure that we stay safe and warm!

With that in mind, here is our winter prep checklist that you should keep in mind to stay safe out on the road and in the home.

Home Prep:

  • Insulate exposed Pipes: Exposed water pipes are susceptible to freezing during a cold winter, which can cause reduced water intake and in extreme cases, a leakage as the temperature causes the pipe to expand & contract. To combat this, all you need a simple piece of pipe insulation that can be applied by hand to your external water pipes. This is a fantastic way of reducing this risk and give you peace of mind all year long.
  • Clear Gutters of Debris: This job is incredibly easy to forget as access can be difficult however this task should be done every few months, particularly if you have trees near your house as falling leaves will clog together. Blocked gutters cause drainage problems and overtime could cause water to leak into the house. To clear them find safe elevation such as a steady ladder and remove debris by hand.
  • Service your boiler/ heating system: During the winter your boiler & heating system will be essential to staying warm as the mercury drops. A yearly or bi-yearly service can not only extend the life of your boiler, but you can also find and address any minor problems before they become major issues!

Car Maintenance:

If you commute by car, general car maintenance is essential all year round, but even more important when conditions are poor during the winter-time.

  • Tyres: In the UK, the law states that tyre tread depth should be at least 1.6mm, anything below this is not only illegal but highly dangerous. If snow & ice is on the road, it can take up to 10x longer to stop than in good - dry conditions and so it is extremely important that you not only drive carefully, but you should check on your tyre tread depth regularly and replace when worn.
  • De-icer & ice scraper: When the snowy season comes, you will be no strange sight to see people de-icing their cars in the mornings as the temperature drops. Having a can of de-icer and an ice scraper is essential as you can clear the car of ice and snow in minutes. Don't be like a tank commander - before you start your journey, ensure that all windows and lights are clear of ice & snow.

Gritting Salt:

If you live in a city or suburbs, chances are most of the roads in your local area will be gritted by your council, however not all roads are usually reached – particularly if you live in a more rural area where the chances of a gritter coming around are slim. Having a pack of rock salt to hand is an ideal way to ensure that even if your road is forgotten by gritters – you can still safely walk and drive.

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