Icethaw offers a broad range of rock salt and salting equipment for business, local authority, public sector, retail and domestic use. We guarantee you will pay only the most competitive prices with our Icethaw price guarantee.

Plus, because we bag our own British brown rock salt and transport it correctly, we ensure you receive a dry, superior quality, fit-for-purpose product when you need it. You can choose from several options for fast, efficient delivery, including urgent same-day and next-day orders, even at the height of demand, via road or sea throughout the UK, Eire, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany.

Icethaw – The UK’s Oldest Grit Salt Supplier

Icethaw is the longest established independent bulk rock salt and grit salt supplier in the UK. Our rock salt is a safe, natural product with a low environmental impact, as residues wash away with the thaw, so it can be used in many different environments, such as roads, car parks, pavements, shopping areas and driveways.

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Rock salt is the most effective method of melting ice and compacted snow and prevents it reforming in temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius. Types include the traditional brown for general use and reassuring high visibility, white for a cleaner, hygienic solution to ice and snow, plus a range of coarse and fine grade de-icers for customers with more specific requirements.

Buy rock salt from Icethaw with a few clicks or call 01254 396660 and have your delivery unloaded directly to your storage area.

Brown rock salt
Brown Rock Salt

Icethaw's traditional British brown rock salt is a superior gritting product for winter de-icing. Used primarily on highways, access roads and car parks, it provides maximum safety and visibility.

White rock salt
White Rock Salt

Icethaw's purer, white rock salt is an outstanding de-icer that leaves minimum residue for a cleaner front doorstep, garden path, driveway, reception entrance, playground or walkway.

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Icethaw responds to UK's freeze
Icethaw responds to UK's freeze
In direct response to Met Office's updates on the current UK freeze, Icethaw has switched its rock salt operations to 24/7 production, ordering and collections.

Icethaw's Winsford plant...
Read More | Posted: 20 January 2013

‘Don’t mix sand with rock salt’ advice
‘Don’t mix sand with rock salt’ advice

As Cold Weather Plan stakeholders stock up on rock salt in preparation, some homeowners and small businesses are doing the...

Read More | Posted: 04 December 2012

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