How We Deliver Across The UK

Deicing Salt Delivery

Icethaw relies on 3rd party hauliers to ensure that we can offer delivery to as many areas across the UK as possible.

Our hauliers deliver with a method called ‘tail lift delivery’ and there are some requirements involved to ensure that your salt can be delivered safely. Here is what is involved with a tail lift delivery and how you can ensure that you have everything we need to make a swift and safe delivery.

Rock salt is a very large and difficult to move product, and so we deliver all of our products upon pallets so they can be easily moved with fork-lifts.

This is what we need to ensure that the delivery requirements are met:

  • A Flat hard surface: When the pallet is lowered onto the ground from the lorry, it will be done so with a tail lift and a pallet truck. We require a hard, flat surface to ensure a safe delivery. If the ground is on a steep incline, it becomes impossible to ensure a safe delivery as the pallet could roll away on the pallet truck. If the ground is soft, such as grass for example, the weight of the pallet will cause the wheels on the pallet truck to become lodged into the ground and so gravel & soft surfaces are impossible to deliver on.
  • Road Access for large vehicles (18 tonne/ 7.5 tonne lorry) The first thing we require is road access for the delivery truck, the standard size is an 18 tonne lorry and so space for the lorry and pallet is required. We understand that not all roads are accessible and so a 7.5 tonne delivery truck can be arranged in advance if access will be an issue.
  • Space for the pallet: Finally, we need space to leave the pallet! Please note that we promise kerbside delivery. This means that your pallet of rock salt will be delivered on the road near the kerb, where you would expect cars to be found. This is because the lorries used to deliver do not have a crane and so we cannot deliver over walls or onto property such as a driveway.

You may have noticed on our product pages that we require a postcode, this is because our clever system takes your postcode and assigns the cheapest delivery method possible to ensure you get the best deal we can offer.

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