White Salt 10kg

Delivered in bags, our granular, crushed, white salt is used for preventing ice on paths or driveways.

White Salt 10kg

(from) £200.00 per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 100 x 10kg Bags
(from) £170.00 per 1/2 Pallet
Half Pallet = 50 x 10kg Bags
(from) £140.00 per 1/4 Pallet
Quarter Pallet = 25 x 10kg Bags
(price including delivery: )
/ m
/ m
/ cm

Our 10kg handy pack of white salt is ideal for spreading across paths and driveways due to its carry handles and outlined cut-off area.

This product can be used as a preventative salt to stop snow settling or to thaw existing ice.

The anti-caking agent applied to the granular, crushed salt allows it to be easily spread without clumps forming. Its purer content also reduces muddy residue making it ideal for areas walked over regularly.


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