Rock Salt Large Packs

Granular, crushed rock salt in easy to handle large packs. The perfect gritting salt.

Rock Salt Large Packs

(from) £140.00 per Full Pallet
Full Pallet = 42 x Large Packs
(from) £120.00 per 1/2 Pallet
Half Pallet = 21 x Large Packs
(from) £110.00 per 1/4 Pallet
Quarter Pallet = 10 x Large Packs
(price including delivery: )
/ m
/ m
/ cm

Rock Salt Large Packs are ideal for preventing ice and snow on paths or driveways.

Our rock salt conforms or exceeds BS 3247 | 2011 and is the same product used by councils and highway agencies, guaranteeing its quality.

Purchasing in a full pallet is the most economical way of ordering salt, providing you with the best price per bag.


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